SEO Secrets Unravelled


The Basics of SEO

Trying to get your website optimally listed on Google or other search engines should be the main priority of your SEO program.

This should be part of the growth strategy of any online endeavour that is seeking ultimate success.

It literally means to increase the site’s ranking of the web search conducted by the interested viewer, the SEO is one of the important ways to generate and direct traffic to a particular site.

This eBook covers the basics and some interesting side techniques.

Download: Under 1 MB in PDF Format

Table of Contents

Chapter 01 – The Basics of SEO
Chapter 02 – How to Determine And Monitor Your Search Standings?
Chapter 03 - Research Keywords And Know Where They Go
Chapter 04 - How to Use Internal Links?
Chapter 05 - Creating A Site Map
Chapter 06 - Creating Search Friendly URLs
Chapter 07 - Things to Avoid
Chapter 08 - Using Image Descriptions
Chapter 09 – Create and Use Fresh Content
Chapter 10 - Use Social Media and Technology

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