Royalty Free Video Footage

$97.00 $47.00

Royalty Free Stock Videos and a great way to promote you or your clients business. All 1080 HD quality or better.

There are a lot of sites that will provide you with free Stock footage but in many cases it will have a water mark or bombard you with upsells etc.

Our USB has hundreds of stock video footage covering a wide range of topics and has licences for your and you clients use. Use just one and you will have covered the cost.

In today’s media and entertainment industries, stock footage is used constantly to save time and money, even at the largest Hollywood studios. This footage can be used for news stories, big-budget movies, commercials, documentaries, and virtually any other visual medium you can think of. 



A sample of one of the Aerial shots full size around 30.8 MB.

Same video after uploading Youtube

759 Videos on a USB3 Stick

Aerial1080HDStckVids-53 Videos
Animals-40 Videos
Beach1080HDVideos-43 Videos
Bird1080HDVideos-88 Videos
Business Video Footage-64 Videos
Cat1080HDVideos-26 Videos
Dog4KStockVideos-8 Videos
Drink 1080 Video Footage-41 Videos
Fire 1080 Video Footage-41 Videos
Fireworks 1080 Video Footage-29 Videos
Food4KStockVideos-13 Videos
Fun4KStockVideos-33 Videos
Hand Motions-10 Videos
Ice1080HDStockVideos-27 Videos
Lakes1080HDStockVideos-37 Videos
Rain1080HDStockVideos-58 Videos
Rivers1080HDVideos-94 Videos
SlowMo1080HDStockVideos-68 Videos
Space1080HDStockVideos-60 Videos


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