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Build mobile websites testimonyI downloaded Quentin’s Mobile Website builder offer in hopes it would help me design mobile sites. I had tried a WordPress plugin that was miserable. Within an hour I had already designed a basic template that worked perfectly. I had a few questions along the way and Quentin responded sometimes within minutes (time zone differences permitting).

The script that stretches and fits the graphics makes this thing almost magic. There are so many mobile phone screen formats that you can go nuts trying to make things look great on everything. With this script you never have to worry about it, it always looks perfect.

Now, having said all that the real gem is all of the supporting material he provides. There are tons of links to useful resources, great videos and other assistance. He also provides some good ideas for initiating a mobile site development business and how to approach new clients. This offering is well priced and offers a lot of value. There is no hype here, it does exactly what it says, and does it elegantly. That is not something you see too often any more!

Do yourself a favor and get this package. Even if you are only going to design one mobile site the time and aggravation this will save is well worth the money. If you want to make a business out of this then you will be able to cut your development time to next to nothing once you have a few templates developed.

Richard Geasey
Seattle, Washington

What you get!

1. Our Custom Mobile Website Script to make building a mobile websites easy.

2. How to use the Mobile Website script – A set video tutorials showing how to use the script

3. Additional tutorials to help you add more functionality to your mobile websites

4. Webdesign Tutorials – a set of tutorials on how to use a free web site composer

5. QR Codes for Business – A  whole range of ideas how to use QR Codes in Business

6. Our custom script we use to get customers to help you get the work.

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