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Bing is Microsoft’s search engine—an alternative to Google. It is the default Windows search engine on hundreds of millions of Microsoft products.

That means that there’s a lot of people using Bing every single day—the same people who could be looking for your products or services.

With More Than A Billion Unique Monthly Visitors, Bing Is A Hugely Popular Search Engine.

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In addition to reaching all these billions of searches happening on Bing, data shows that simply by advertising on Bing, you’ll notice more people searching for your brand and products on Google as well!

There Are Many More Advantages Of Microsoft Ads Like…

  • Connect with searchers outside of Google: According to Microsoft, 29% of clicks are unique to Microsoft Search Network alone
  • Less competition: Because fewer advertisers using Microsoft Ads, there’s an opportunity for cheaper impressions and lower CPCs
  • Easy to get started: Seamless process for transferring over Google Ads data and launching your Microsoft Ads campaigns

Moreover… The Microsoft Search Network reportedly reaches 7.3 billion monthly searches. (Yes, that’s billion with a “b.”)

Its search ad options allow businesses to target those searching on the Bing, Yahoo, and AOL platforms.

This gives Microsoft Advertising a combined 33% of the total U.S. search market share — even higher for desktop searches.

Microsoft Ads also gives you access to 63 million search users that can’t be reached via Google Ads.

Microsoft Search Network visitors spend approximately 30% more money online than the average web searcher.

Not only that, but more than half of searchers have an estimated income of $75,000 or more, with generally higher household incomes and more high-level jobs than Google overall.

That shows that Microsoft Ads are extremely popular & useful tools for marketers and advertisers.

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