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How to Quickly and Easily Sky Rocket Your Conversions, Make More Sales and Generate in any Niche By Using a Proven Formula that Both Seasoned Veterans and Complete Newbies Can Understand and Apply

As soon as you have the Email Marketing Assassin on your side making sales with email marketing will be one of the easiest things you do every day

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Finally Stop Being an Email Slave and Buying and Start Being on the Other End and Start profiting from Sending and Writing Emails Instead

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Don't you think that is a far better situation to be in?

Would you like to know the exact strategies that you need to be using in your email marketing to not only get results but build a lasting relationship with your readers that will actually be looking forward to your next email promotion?

You will find out exactly how to do this and lots more and leaving no stone un-turned.

Is it now your time? Are you now ready to step up and start profiting from emails like the big players do each and every day?

If so I'm ready to show you how to do it step by step.

Here's just a tiny taste of what I have in store for you in Email Marketing Assassin:

Video 1 - My "add as you go" method which produces sales and profits on complete auto-pilot without you lifting a finger.

Video 2 - Offers Vs content (My ultimate cash sucking combo)

Video 3 - Follow up and broadcast tricks (get this wrong and kiss your profits goodbye)

Video 4 - How to get insane open rates by using a handful of my underground subject line tactics

Video 5 - How to build an army of raving fans that will be begging for your next email

Video 6 - 3 Proven ways to cash in with your lists including the 1 vital tactic you MUST be using for building a monthly passive income

Video 7 - Step by step action plan on how to write a killer follow up email that converts subscribers to buyers

Video 8 - (Live case study) The exact email and product I used to create a highly profitable affiliate promotion that anyone can copy and duplicate.

Video 9 - 1 Tweak to instantly make your emails more profitable (98% of email marketersNEVER do this and you are probably not doing it either, adjust it and you will instantly increase your overall profits)

Video 10 - The 1 tweak I use in my emails to crank out even more profits (this takes 10 seconds to do and is a complete no-brainer, you will kick yourself when you see how easy it is)

Video 11 - Step by step blueprint for keeping your subscribers engaged (get this right and they will be begging for your next email promotion)

Video 12 - How to create follow up sequences that crank out cash on auto-pilot

Video 13 - 1 simple thing you MUST be doing with _______. Get this wrong and you will be leaving an obscene amount of money on the table

Video 14 - The Complete Ingredients of a Conversion Crushing Email

You're Now Just 1 Download Away from Discovering The Tactics and Strategies that Will Empower You to Crank Out Huge profits with Tiny Lists

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