Disconnect To Reconnect Video and eBook


Have you ever wondered how the most successful people can get so many things done without getting tired, anxious, or stressed?

It seems like they have got everything covered: money, work, family, everything.

How did they get so much done without breaking a sweat, while you can’t get anything done without succumbing to stress and anxiety?

Today, I am going to share with you the secret some of the most successful and highly productive people use to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

I believe all the strategies revealed inside this guide will help you overcome unnecessary distractions and stress to start living a more meaningful and productive life.

Access 10 Videos and MP3 Audios: Download 320 MB
Ebook with multiple marketing files 46 MB
Format: MP4 & PDF & MP3
Lic: Master Resale Rights
Payment: One Time
Website: Yes


You Get 10 Premium Quality Videos of Disconnect to Reconnect.

Video 1: Introduction

Duration: 1:55 min

Video 2: What Is Digital Detox?

Duration: 8:35 min

Video 3: The Negative Impact Of Media Addiction

Duration: 9:26 min

Video 4: How Social Media Addiction Affects Your Psychological Health.

Duration: 9:47 min

Video 5: What Research Says About Social Media Addiction

Duration: 9:26 min

Video 6: Writings On The Wall: Signs You Need Digital Detox.

Duration: 7:38 min

Video 7: Benefits of Disconnecting To Reconnect

Duration: 8:49 min

Video 8: Reconnecting to your true self By Eliminating Media Pressure.

Duration: 9:04 min

Video 9: Vital Tips To Hack Your Digital Devices Use Addiction

Duration: 7:21 min

Video 10: Conclusion

Duration: 0:43 min

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