Disconnect To Reconnect Video and eBook

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Have you ever wondered how the most successful people can get so many things done without getting tired, anxious, or stressed?

It seems like they have got everything covered: money, work, family, everything.

How did they get so much done without breaking a sweat, while you can’t get anything done without succumbing to stress and anxiety?

Today, I am going to share with you the secret some of the most successful and highly productive people use to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

I believe all the strategies revealed inside this guide will help you overcome unnecessary distractions and stress to start living a more meaningful and productive life.

Access 10 Videos and MP3 Audios: Download 320 MB
Ebook with multiple marketing files 46 MB
Format: MP4 & PDF & MP3
Lic: Master Resale Rights
Payment: One Time
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You Get 10 Premium Quality Videos of Disconnect to Reconnect.

Video 1: Introduction

Duration: 1:55 min

Video 2: What Is Digital Detox?

Duration: 8:35 min

Video 3: The Negative Impact Of Media Addiction

Duration: 9:26 min

Video 4: How Social Media Addiction Affects Your Psychological Health.

Duration: 9:47 min

Video 5: What Research Says About Social Media Addiction

Duration: 9:26 min

Video 6: Writings On The Wall: Signs You Need Digital Detox.

Duration: 7:38 min

Video 7: Benefits of Disconnecting To Reconnect

Duration: 8:49 min

Video 8: Reconnecting to your true self By Eliminating Media Pressure.

Duration: 9:04 min

Video 9: Vital Tips To Hack Your Digital Devices Use Addiction

Duration: 7:21 min

Video 10: Conclusion

Duration: 0:43 min

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