Building Your Personal Brand Video Series


A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Personal Brand. Become More Influential and Win More Clients.

Creating, or updating, a personal brand can seem like an overwhelming task. There are so many elements that need to be considered and a lot of thought required for it to be successful.

The Personal Branding Blueprint is the one-stop shop for everything you will need to know to own a successful personal brand. This eBook takes you on a journey through the branding process, asking you questions about your dream life in order to make your brand fit it.

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Video Titles

01 The Low Down Why Personal Branding Matters - 03:26
02 The Top 5 Benefits To Building Your Personal Branding Strategy - 03:42
03 The 3 Most Common Mistakes Made When Building A Personal Branding Strategy - 03:42
04 The Top 6 Things To Consider When Choosing The Target Audience For Your Personal Branding - 04:02
05 The 3 Most Important Things To Define In Your Personal Branding - 03:06
06 The 3 Things You Need To Check To Make Sure Your Personal Branding Is Reaching Your Target Audience - 03:49
07 Four Easy Ways To Carry Your Brand Into Your Everyday Life And Build Your Authenticity - 03:49
08 Top 3 Simple Things To Incorporate Into Your Personal Branding - 03:44
09 Signs That Your Personal Branding Is Not Working For You And How To Test It - 03:49
10 The 5 Secrets To Using Social Media For Your Brand - 03:56

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