If You Want To Survive Online… You Need Traffic!

Traffic Is The Life-Blood Of Every Online Business Website. Whether you’re launching a product, building an email list, putting up a blog, or any other website for that matter… you need a healthy dose of traffic coming in.

And you can gather this traffic in various ways.

There is the search engine organic traffic, social media traffic, and the paid one called Pay Per Click Advertising.

When most people get started in their quest for online traffic, they often look to free traffic sources…

But most free traffic methods take a lot of time to get them going plus it just doesn’t convert all that well…

So, if you’re looking for a steady stream of traffic… Paid Traffic Is Your Answer!

Paid Traffic Is Fast, Converts, And You Can Get It Going In Hours… Not Days!

When we think about Paid Advertising, Google Ads automatically pop up in our minds.

Every marketer worth their salt knows about Google Ads, but many of them overlook Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) and its unique network of users. With Google controlling the majority share of online traffic, it’s easy to write off Microsoft’s Bing Ads as a search engine and PPC platform.

But Microsoft Advertising, in particular, has enormous potential for businesses of all sizes — especially those with smaller budgets.

Microsoft Advertising presents a fantastic opportunity to generate search leads at a relatively lower cost, and that’s something all advertisers should take note of. Microsoft Advertising’s Audience Network Is A Hidden Gem That Brings A Lot Of Value & Programmatic Offerings!

Microsoft Ads is Microsoft’s self-serve advertising platform that allows advertisers to build campaigns and target users across Microsoft’s Search and Audience Network.

Although it started off small, Microsoft’s search engine has continued to grow in Google’s shadow, and now, according to ComScore, Bing and its partners make up a combined 39% of the US desktop search market!

In fact, if you’re running a paid ads campaign, it could be a mistake to ignore Bing and all the possibilities it can offer you.

Depending on what you’re selling and who you’re targeting, Bing could be the missing piece of the puzzle for your marketing strategy. Here’s why…

* As of March 2021, Bing hit 1,038 billion unique monthly visitors worldwide. This figure includes all web visits from desktop and mobile.
* There are approximately 82.6 million Bing searches per day.
* There are 14.6 billion PC searches made on Bing every month.
* 61% of searches made in Bing were branded queries.
* In 2020, revenue for Microsoft search advertising amounted to $7.74 billion.
* In the United States, Bing ranked #24 in terms of traffic.
* In a survey, 27% of search engine users in the US said that they have used Bing in the past four weeks.

Seems like it’s worth paying attention to, right?

Google search statistics show that Google dominates the search engine market, with Bing placing only second. However, this has not stopped Bing from amassing millions of unique PC users and generating billions of search queries.

Lets face it with 50 videos and additional material you will learn the process of Internet marketing even if you don’t use Microsoft adds.

And It Presents Massive Opportunity For Businesses In 2021!

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